Why the little black dress remains supremely chic.

Have you ever looked in your closet and thought about what’s in there that you had never removed and taken out for many years? the most of the things that you may be having since years will be an old handbag that your grandmother gave you, the jeans that you like the most, and of course, a little black dress. This little black dress is known as the most essential part of the woman’s wardrobe now, and there is a great history behind it. In this article, you will learn why the little black dress remains supremely chic till now. Here we go:

Before the 1920s, the black colored dress was the sign of sadness and it was strictly reserved to be worn at the times of mourning. It was considered disagreeable to wear it normally because it was the mourning dress and the mourning dresses were symbolic. During the era of Queen Victoria, a grieving widow was supposed to wear the black dress for at least two years. But this didn’t last for very long and a sudden change arrived.

This scenario was changed in 1962 by the will of a woman named Coco Chanel. Chanel in 1962 made a simple, little black dress in the magazine Vogue. This magazine named this dress as the “Chanel’s Ford,” because it was available to women of all types and classes. The magazine said that this dress was “a kind of uniform to be worn by all women of taste.”

The little black dress gained a lot of popularity and remained popular among women of all type and classes because of its simple elegance, and low prices. You didn’t need to be rich in order to get the trendy style by wearing the little black dress. These dresses were very popular in Hollywood during the colorful era of television. The main reason why it gained a lot of importance is that the black dress wouldn’t clash with the other colors while appearing on the screen as compared to any other brighter colored dress might.

The little black dress also gained a lot of importance in the world war 2 and it was worn by the women at that time as the specific uniform.

In the earlier 1950s and 60s, this dress took a bit of some social critical hit. Though it was still widely worn by women, it was seen as a bit dangerous. It was considered that the woman wearing it was not very pure as the traditional woman that wear the powder blues. The 1960s was the era of change and it gave a new vision to the little black dress. It satisfied the younger modern generation offering the different new lengths including the mini skirts. While the older and conservative women worn the sheaths.

Since Chanel brought the little black dress to lives in 1926, it gained a lot of importance all over the world and is still worn by the majority of the trendy and modern women of all classes and ages. Though the little black dress has some variations in its style, yet the motivation and attraction behind the little black dress have remained largely the same. This classic and unique dress makes a woman feel different, and look more beautiful and attractive. The little black dress is a long-lasting, adaptable and affordable by the women of all social classes. The beauty and the attraction of the little black dress is the reason why this dress is still alive and winning the hearts of the women.