Pearl Package

This is our combo package, and it consists of the three sessions.
- Closet Audit
- Shopping Trip
- Look Book
- Events like Travel/Vacation, Wedding/Parties, Professional Outings and Photoshoots


What you can expect in 3 months...

-The first session will be an amazing discovery into your person, brand/business, direction and how you can be the visual representation of that.

-An image inspiration board will be created to gain clarity on your style and how it lined up with your brand.

-I will do a wardrobe audit once with you to figure out what needs to be kept, tossed, tailored or consigned.

-I will do give consigning and tailor support/direction.
-I will go shopping with you locally/virtually to complete your wardrobe. Virtual shopping will include sending you a complete list of online stores and links of exactly what to buy, select stores in your locality that you are comfortable and excited about. Also, while shopping, you will have me “on call” via text photos or video for a live and quick Yes or No.
-You will receive support for 1 photoshoot or travel/vacation or wedding /parties or professional outing – the preparation that goes into selection and styling the perfect outfits for your chosen occasion.
-You will have me on retainer for 3 months – meaning any and all style questions. I will be available, checking in with you bi-weekly to see how things are going and if you need any support on upcoming events.
-As a bonus, if other events come up – like a dressy event that you need to shop for a dress for, or a trip that you need help packing for – I will be your stylist on call to help!

Investing into yourself and your confidence is the best investment that you can make into your business. It will motivate you, empower you to achieve, and become your competitive advantage.


Now, if you are a #Bossbabe that is ready to have a MONEY-MAKING BRAND, then you know that the top earning entrepreneurs have all realized that a stylist is a MUST-HAVE on their dream team. That means you are ready to have a stylist year-round!
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